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2022 'Sota Wheel Race

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The route and dot watching experience will live here through out the race and on social media but for now...a few references for education and inspiration!

For those new to ultracycling and bikepacking I would gather as much information as a racer could. Research as many sites and FB groups, and videos as you could. Do not forget to practice your gear and train too. Check out the few resources below.

Below are three interesting videos on bikepacking and racing. I would suggest watching these as well as:

  • The Silk Road Bike Race documentary on Vimeo

  • Inspired To Ride (if for some reason, you have not dedicated all binge watching time to this movie already)


 watch. when the time comes.

Live GPS tracking via

provided by TrackLeaders

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Live GPS tracking creates an interactive element to bikepacking and ultracycling. It creates an experience that allows participants the ability to share with friends and family. 

Dot watching has only expanded the popularity of bikepack races; this coupled with social media has been a driver in engaging us in these events.

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