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 frequently asked questions for riders

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The 'Sota

The 'Sota Wheel Race is an unsupported, paved bikepacking, and ultra-race adventure! The intention of this route is to create an environment that pushes you further into adventure than you thought you might be able to handle. Adventure doesn’t just come from movement through nature, out in the elements, but also what you experience when fatigue sets in and your mind starts to wander. This is where the true challenge comes from; where awareness of self and your place in this space can be observed. When you experience this “let-go”; you connect to your environment and your identity in a much more authentic way. This is also a celebration of Minnesota’s past. Not just as a state but of this land that has been shaped over thousands of years; a land that the Dakota and other people’s have been part of for over 10,000 years. When you take part in this race your story becomes part of this land; I hope you'll share it. 


What does Mni Sota Makoce (Mini-Sota Ma-Ko-Chay) mean?

Mni Sota Makoce is from the Dakota language and means “Land Where the Waters Reflect the Clouds.” Mni means water; Sota means slightly

clouded or sky-colored, and Makoce means a place or land. While it includes the current boundaries of Minnesota, it is not defined by a line on a map. We are going to explore these places.


There are control points? What do I need to do?

Yes, kinda. There are control points but they are NOT manned control points. There will be ~5 controls you will be responsible for visiting. They consist of a point of historical significance or an oddity and are on route. They will be finalized and announced a few weeks ahead of #sota23. Details on what you will need to do will be expressed then as well; but in essence, you will need to take an image, post, and tag the race on social media. Finalization of locations and rules to follow. Stay tuned!


What is the Racer’s Agreement?

This is an agreement between the 'Sota and the athlete. It sets the terms and conditions of participation and is the contract with the athlete; making clear what must be agreed to when accepting a place (for example, liability, bike safety, and unsupported ethos). If a participant breaks the terms of the agreement, at any time, they could be excluded from the race. A liability waiver must also be signed and returned with the racer's agreement if it wasn't completed at the time of registration.

Do I need a tracking device?

Well, yes! This is a race standard of all unsupported bike-pack style adventures and the 'Sota is no different. Pairs will need to each have their own SPOT tracker or Garmin InReach on person throughout their ride. If you are new to this sport or do not own your own; you will have the opportunity to rent one (Rental devices are limited, purchasing or borrowing one is encouraged). Please see the registration page for more info.


Can I use my own tracking device?

You will need your own service plan active on your tracker, if not TrackLeaders can activate your SPOT/InReach for the duration of the race. Details to follow.


How much does it cost?

The registration fee for the Sota is $135 (non-refundable after March 18th, 2023). There is also a fee for tracking, which will be payable to Trackleaders, & rental fees if you need to rent a SPOT tracker. Details to follow on the registration page and on our social media sites. You can expect to pay ~$50 depending on if you need to rent a tracker or own one.



Any standard upright bike is permitted with reasonable upgrades. Equipment should not provide a dividing line in performance such that there is no reasonable comparison of effort. It is for this reason that tandems, recumbents, velomobiles, and other out-of-class machines are NOT allowed in, including components such as full disc wheels. E-bikes and motors of any kind are strictly prohibited. 

Emergency Contact

You will need to submit your emergency contact details. Emergency contact information will be gathered through the racer's agreement.

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