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The Trans Mni Sota Makoce (Mini-Sota MA-Ko-Chay) Wheel Race is a 1,200 mile fixed route, unsupported, single-stage bikepacking challenge through Minnesota. The clock starts and does not stop till you finish; there are no prizes. The route consists mostly of paved roads, bike paths and some gravel thrown in to make life interesting.

Check the Route and Rules page for more info.


START: Summer Solstice, Sunday, June 20th, 2021 @ 7am

WHERE: Railroad Park @ White Bear Lake, Minnesota (Start and Finish)

WHO: Any Solo Participant - Separate Pairs Category Available (Cyclists must be at least 18 years old)

DISTANCE: 1,200 miles & 28,000 ft of climbing. Fixed route with 5 control points

COSTS: $35 Registration Fee + additional tracking fee (Trackleaders) and SPOT Tracker Rental Fee (if needed) are required. The Mesabi Trail has a rider fee to use. Link to their website is here. Please support the trail by purchasing a wheel pass. You and you alone are responsible for this.

REGISTRATION CAP: The re-inaugural TMWR registration will be capped at 50 participants. First come, first served.  

Registration is Closed for TMWR2021


tmwr2O21 roster


Mike Benigni, 43        MI, US     

Todd Hunter, 39          MN, US

Rob Welsh, 70           MN, US   

Christopher Lewis, 40  NY, US     

Chris Bartley, 53         WI, US    

Kate Ankofski, 37        MN, US   

Hank Marotske, 45      MN, US

Brian Broomall, 37      MN, US

John Jarvis, 66            MN, US

Risa Hustad, 30          MN, US

Jeff Kerkove, 43          CO, US

Ian Buck, 28               MN, US

Jason Oestreicher, 48   WA, US

Malinda Gillispie, 40   W VA, US
Kevin Bilbee, 53          CA, US

Ben Skoning, 20          MN, US
Michael Lofteness, 56    CA, US
Peter Rens, 62               WI, US
Rob Mosimann, 59        MN, US

Andy Tetmeyer, 54         MN, US

Cody Johnson, 32          MN, US

Fabian Lobera, 55         WY, US

Steve Grabowski, 53      MN, US

Terry Flynn, 57               MN, US

Tim Tait, 37                    UT, US

Matt Miller, 46                IA, US

Nicholas Quinn, 36        MN, US

Randall Ney, 58             IA, US

Aaron Ollswang, 40       MN, US

Ramon Cordes, 38         MN, US

Michael Radway,           MN, US

Carolyn Franzone, 61     MN, US

Anders Hopkins, 28       MN, US      

Sam Garvin, 27            MN, US 


Mark Seaburg, 61      MN, US       Pair #1

Peter Loewenson, 59   MN, US       Pair #1

Brent Olson, 45          UT, US         Pair #2

Connie Etter, 40          UT, US         Pair #2

Kellie Nelson, 50         CO, US        Pair #3

Janice Stanford, 51      MN, US       Pair #3



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Photo cred: Aaron Ehlers 

NSBR 2020

who, me!?

My name is Keith. I am a 2018 Trans Am Bike Race competitor and finisher.

I love  bikes. I absolutely need adventure so I created a race.

I believe we need audacious challenges every now and then; ones that push the narratives we believe about ourselves.

The inception for this race came while racing TABR. I wanted to share this sport and what it has taught me about myself. So here it is.

I hope you join us.

Photo cred: Aaron Ehlers 

NSBR 2020